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Thread: 50 to 1 or???

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    50 to 1 or???

    did away with oil injection what would a safe premix be fac says 25 to one friends say 40 to one and i think 50 to one any help would be greatly appreciated thanks 1997 760 also would it be the same for 650 vxr pro ???

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    50-1 all the way make sure u dont use cheap oil

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    it does call for 50 to 1 however I run 40 to 1 in all mine (see sig ) to be safe and have them all on the same bottles Z ps no issues

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    50:1 is what hte manufacture recommends. I always mix 40:1. It only robs mabey half to 1 mph of your top speed, but you crank will last so much longer. We used to rent yamaha waverunner 500, waverunner 3 and later the XL's they lsted so much longer if we mixed 40:1. And yes, use a good quality of oil that is TCW-3 approved. I always used bel ray in my craft. Great oil.

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    cool thanks for the info

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