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    Cool Sticky Stuff Removal?

    Anyone have any ideas on how to get the sticky stuff off your ski after you removed a stupid coast guard decal? Don't really wanna scratch it with the razor, and I wouldn't advise anyone else listening to them and putting it on there ski as well.

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    Goof off or rubbing alcohol work for me. I always throw a coat of wax over the area once im done

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    Thanks, I did that too, end up using Grease Lightning and alot of rubbing.

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    I use a little Acetone on a rag. It seems to clean up most anything.

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    this stuff will remove anything

    just spray it on....leave ten mins and then wipe the sticky stuff off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by emcewin View Post
    I use a little Acetone on a rag. It seems to clean up most anything.

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    I gotta get some of that... Thanks,

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    Goo Gone Works Excellent!

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    get ya some of this stuff called acra-sol. its used in automotive shops and detail shops. works great with a min. amount of effort , will not harm paint, its also called pro-sol
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    Thumbs up Another Trick for stickers

    When taking off stock stickers on my gpr I used a hairdryer and they came off like butter leaving little to no glue. This really works awesome.

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