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    newbie! Sportster 215 wave jumping *pics*

    Hello everyone! Just signed up on the forum, im from jax Fl, and im on the market for a new RXP-X ski! Looking to pick one up next month! i have found lots of good usefull info on the skis and modding them!! In the mean time here are a few pics of my Sportster 215hp jet boat catching some air, from behind my dads boat! Looking forward to meet some new people! I have gone waaay higher, that seen in these pics, i was giving someone a ride and didnt want to go too crazy ENJOY!

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    thats , no cracking up things like that?
    i like to know what there capable of

    ciao Jim

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    Insane! Great pics! I've done some jumping, but surely nowhere near that high, and it felt like I was reaching the limit of what the boat (and my teeth) could take. Good to know the hull might not split open like an egg too easily. I've hardly seen pics of skis with that kind of airtime.

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    That's awesome . I haven't had the balls to do that in my boat. Love the pics!!

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    bad assssss dude... awesome pics

    i can't believe the air that thing got in the first pic!!!

    hows the landing? relatively smooth, or a violent crash?

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    Any damage at all to the boat from jumping it like that?

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    no damage as of yet!! lol i have done numberous jumps even higher than seen in the pics! the landing is very smooth, more pics and vids to come! cant wait to get my RXP-X, ill post some pics of it when i get it!

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    If thats a SCed boat. I hope it has metal washers in the SC

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    That is just AWESOME>>>>>> I see the 210 Bridge behind the first pic, that is where I launch also. I am getting a service done on my Sportster 155 now, so I'll be watching out for you in the next few weeks.....

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    Nice pics. I'll have to try and get some this year. I've jumped and slammed the living hell out of my boat and figured I was a great test case to see if that hull cracks at all. It looks like you are too. If you experience damage from donig that, let us all know.

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