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    main shaft scoring

    getting ready to order parts for 03 sportster 4tec 155 hp for worn carbon ring, my question is i have scoring around drive shaft where carbon ring rides not bad but not good either, does the carbon ring diameter fit snuggly on shaft or is it loose. cant tell by my old ring as it is pretty worn. wondering if sand got in there and scored it. could i lightly coat it with jb weld?. new shaft is a couple hundred.

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    you driveshaft is NEVER in contact with the carbon seal..

    the driveshaft diameter is significantly smaller than the opening of the carbin seal, so the driveshaft spins/floats within the opening.

    the ONLY thing ever touching the carbon seal is the metal ring that rests against the carbon ring flat... they call it the support ring or the floating ring.

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