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    Fish Finder/Depth Finder question

    The end of last summer the Fish finder on our boat died it was an Eagle Ultra Classic and apparently its to old to be repaired they no longer have the parts required to fix it. Were looking at getting a new on but don't know which is good and which is bad. The newer ones i've seen are all in one's which we dont need we already have a GPS/Chart plotter so we only need the fish/depth finder any advice on what to look for?


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    all good units. All come with transom mount transducers. First question is where you are fishing. I hear the new Humminbird side imagine units are just spectacular, and are above and beyond garmin and lowrance, but have not seen them for myself yet.

    Garmin units are nice, easy to use, but the screen image isnt as nice as lowrance, which, IMO, has the best screen image between the two.

    Look for ones that are Dual Frequency. 200hz for up to 400-500-maybe 600 ft, and the 50hz for deeper. Some come w/dual angles, 45 and 60 degrees. Look for transducer options. Shoot thru hull ones require no screwing or drilling, thru hull needs a hole in your hull, and transom mounts screw to your transom.

    look for wattage on the transducer, higher wattage = greater depth.

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    Thanks for the info Pette i'll have a look at them today and see which best suits our needs.

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    I would agree with all that was said above.... all depends on the need.

    I have the Humminbird 777C2 with is powerful but I think I spent too much!

    If you looking for something quick and simple to install my friend got the Humminbird Fishin' Buddy 130 and it is great.

    Good Luck

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