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Thread: igni power maps

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    igni power maps

    We are finishing up on a 06 RXP with igni - power system , a c kit charger, riva intercooler, rear intake system, modified waterbox, riva valve train upgrade kit, open loop cooling system - currently have the riva 50lb injectors, but have 60lb injectors for it, Skat Trak modified 15/19 impeller,
    I am looking for some help with the igni - power - hoping to find some mapping for the 60 lb injectors - We are using the default 100 octane map , and runs about 79mph --when we try the 60lb injectors , we are experiencing a hesitation around 6500 rpm -
    any help would be great, any info on the igni -power


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    Welcome to the Green Hulk. Someone on here should know the answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theskiclinic View Post
    when we try the 60lb injectors , we are experiencing a hesitation around 6500 rpm -
    Whats your AFR at this RPM? I suspect very rich and needs to be leaned out.

    Nobody is going to be able to give you a map that will fit your ski perfectly. You will need to make changes to the map to make it perfect.

    Give up on the 50 lb hr injectors. They will not be enough.

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