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    looks like im now worth 5.5million British pounds



    I am contacting you in absolute confidence
    that I can
    confide in you a huge amount of trust.

    My name is Harry
    coy alegal practitioner in london .

    I write to you in respect of a
    deceased client late
    Raymond CALDERONE who unfortunately before his
    death had no registered next of kin with the bank to
    claim his wealth.

    Raymond left assets worth 5.5million British
    Pounds sterling with bank
    before his sudden departure
    that occurred at Palestine on account of a

    Right nowthe bank has declared his assets an open
    beneficiary with mandate.

    Sothis reasons I contact you to stand as the
    next of kin to mylate client since you share the same
    name with him proper
    documentation will be made
    to back the claim.

    Waiting for your prompt response.

    Harry coy

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    LOL .. I get them all the time on my comcast acct ... sometimes i respond and play along and sent them fake info

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    i get at least one a week

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    I get a lot too but found a way to stop them. I responded as below:

    Dear (Name Here)

    I received your e-mail about the funds that you are trying to send me and I appriciate all your efforts.
    I would like you to know that I work for C.I.C.S (the CIA of Canada) in the I.F.D (Internet Fraud Division) with links to the Interpol Internet Fraud Investigation Service.
    I have forwarded all the information and your contact info to them to verify the validity of your statements. My staff has informed me that Interpol has alread traced the city and location of where you are residing, so they will be stopping by shortly to access the situation.
    As your claims are valid you will have no probems with my staff as they arrive.

    Have a nice day, and thank you for contacting me.

    After send that, all of those types of e-mails ceased.

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