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    fpr pressure seting question

    these are the instrucions:
    4) Set the base pressure to 60 psi. plug the lanyard into the post and watch the fuel pressure on the gauge. you only have 2 seconds to read the gauge when you plug the lanyard in as the fuel pump cuts off after that. adjust the regulator until you get 60 psi. This rude regulator comes with a very accurate Marshall liquid filled gauge.

    5) then you put the vacuum/boost pressure hose in one of three places .

    just wondering if you can set the 60 psi with the vacuum/boost presure hose already conected. i guess so because you donīt start the engine to set the 60 psi.
    just wondering.

    ciao Jim

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    won't matter if hose is on or off.

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    Just connect the lanyard, and see the reading...adjust...reconnect lanyard...adjust....repeat until it reads 60psi....

    No need to connect the vacuum line until you start the motor...

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    Jim- I didn't see any difference between the boost line plugged in or not when setting it, because with the engine off, the intake manifold should just be equal to normal atmospheric pressure, but I guess they just want to make 101% sure of that by telling you to not plug it in yet.

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    It won't matter if the vacuum line is attached or not. Engine is not running and not under vacuum/boost.

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    that is what i tought about it but better to be sure , and great help like always

    ciao Jim

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    by the way, i installed my vac/boost guages and i was surprised about the "vacuum" the engine prodeces under idle and starting the engine.

    ciao Jim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk View Post
    It won't matter if the vacuum line is attached or not. Engine is not running and not under vacuum/boost.
    Good, because as usual, I didn't read the instructions before getting started. So the very first thing I did was thread the vacuum line into the IC blockoff. After I read the instructions, I looked like this then I looked like this when I decided to just go with it, I looked like this .

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