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    650 Parts for Sale (Cyls, etc.)

    I have some 1995 SL 650 parts for sale all in decent shape and recently removed from ski. I'm just looking to get rid of this stuff so make me some offers:
    • 4 cylinders and cylinder heads all in decent shape, could use a nice hone. Also have a usable piston for sale as well.
    • Steering cable
    • Choke assembly including plastic dash
    • Starting unit removed from dash
    • Stock oil pump
    • Stock fuel pump
    • Steering unit
    • Foam cover for steering unit
    • Seat
    • Front hatch assembly
    • Rear plastic grab handle
    • Exhaust manifold
    • Cooling rail
    • 4 engine mounts
    • Full electrical box with new electrical board installed last year (stator wires were cut for ease of pulling the engine but can be reconnected with weather connectors)
    • Oil tank
    • Fuel tank
    • Throttle cable and unit
    • Kill switch
    • Ignition key
    • Intake assembly
    • Fuel water separator
    I probably have other stuff I am forgetting I just can't think about it right now. I will post pictures at peoples requests. Once 650 crank swap into my SL 750 is complete, I will have remaining parts available when we break down the rest of the 650 engine and separate what we don't use from what we do.

    Feel free to post on here or PM me with any requests, questions, etc.


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    I'm in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

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