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    raider prop arguement!

    My friend and I both have 1100 raiders. He insists I should get a 13/19 impeller which he has. I think I would do better with a 12/18 my engine is stock his has a shaved head. I believe more compression can run more pitch mine wont work as well........................Hey raider fans END THIS argument please!!!!!!!!!

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    stock pitch is 16/19 so take it from there

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    Quote Originally Posted by bhalo65 View Post
    I think I would do better with a 12/18
    1st: Do better at what?
    2nd: 13/19? 12/18? WHAT? Solas super camber? Solas Concord? Skat-Trak?

    20-30 different possible answers here before recomendations can be made.

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    basically all around good low to mid . Looking at Solas concords.

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