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    Insurance claim in procees need advice:

    Due to injesting something thru the jet pump it cracked the carbon ring and my hull alost completely filled up with salt water. In doing so my engine also injested the salt water. Took it to my local Sea-Doo dealer and contacted my insurance company also. Sea-Doo dealer says my jet pump is completely toast plus I have a bent rod in #1 cylinder. Do you all think this is a total or will ins., fix it. I have done to much to it for it to be totaled. Green Hulk knows what I have done to it. Any advice or options on this would be greatly appreciated. Supposedly adjustor went to see it yesterday.

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    Did you see what you injested ? What in the world would crack a carbon ring ?

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    More than likely they will total it. My friend had a speedster that sunk.And they totaled it

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    If they total your ski, can you buy it back for salvage? If not, find out if you can strip it befor they take it away.

    Good luck with it.

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