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Thread: Kerry Hibdon

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    Kerry Hibdon

    He is from McMinnville, Tennessee ??
    I wonder where he rides ? Tims Ford Lake ?

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    Lake Chickamauga/ Chattanooga TN
    I was wondering the same thing when I was lurking on the Yami site. . . we should gang up on him and force him to tinker with the Doo's.

    Kinchyle; Also I been meaning to ask you something, wheres/what lake is it that has the nice views of the falls, Im trying to find a nice lake to take a weekend trip to.


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    Center Hill lake in smithville, TN.

    Just got back from a trip this weekend. Stayed at
    About 8 miles to both the large falls. About 10 miles to the dam at edgar evins.
    Edgar Evins state park is another nice place to stay at.
    probably about 15-20 miles to the waterfalls. It does have some nice open area riding areas and nice party coves. When we stayed at lakeside we cruised to edgar evins dam. Took probably 25 minutes at 30-35mph.
    Mountains/views/houses are too nice to fly by You will also see Alan Jacksons house/ mini marina on the left going from lakeside to edgar evins. Its right when the water opens up.

    Water had some sticks in it this weekend but should be gone this week. I think it was from all the rain we got last week and memorial weekend waking the sides.

    Let me know if you go there. I can send you my gps locations. Might even see you up there.

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    Hey I may be there this weekend as I have a friend that has a place by four seasons marina, I will let you know if we go we usually ride to the damn in the morning then to rock island that afternoon unless we run out of beer

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    We'll definately have to meet up one of these days. I'm going to Tims Ford this weekend to visit my family and my uncle is coming in from Germany.

    I have a friend at 4 Seasons as well. He has a tiaga ski boat and wakes board. Have a friend at Pates Ford with a tritoon.
    We used to meet up at pines creek but now I'm mostly at edgar evans area since my friend with cabin cruiser is out that way. Usually hanging out by the dam or in the big cove near edgar evans.

    I raced a stock RXP next to cookevill marina. I blew about 4 boats ahead of him and could pass him on top end (how I caught up to him to race). He was like man that thing sounds good, what did you do to it. I was like

    I was out there with 2 friends from work on gprs. Usually just me and my wife on the RXT.

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    after I get the RR impeller installed we need to get together and see what you think,

    we changed our plan for this weekend 3 of us are going to put in at the damn at Old Hickory and ride the cumberland to lake Barkley it is about 170 miles I just hope Nils gets my pipe back in time if not i will be on my 03 SC

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    wow that's a long ride. Ya I'd definately like to see what that new RR can do.
    The whole injector thing is pushing me away from it though. I like cruising as well as having fun. If they waste 11% more gas then not sure it's worth it.

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