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Thread: Wet suits??

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    Wet suits??

    I was wondering what you guys who wear wetsuits think of this wetsuit.
    Seems cool since it has the farmer johns and the spring suit but i wasn't sure about the front zipper being comfortable.

    I have never ridden in anything but board shorts and a Tshirt so I have no Idea about wetsuits.

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    I just got the farmer john from NRS:

    to go with this coat:

    Both pieces are very comfortable and really not bulky.

    waiting on gloves from parker yamaha, and have 3 mill booties.

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    I wear a jetpilot farmer jon with a jacket when it is cold and a jotpilot thinner top when it's just "chilly"

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    Thanks fir the replies.
    I think I may try this one seems nice and cheap and sounds like its similar to what you guys are doing and those are comfortable.
    Most of the year I will ride in board shorts and T's anyway I juts want it for begining and end of year stuff.
    CTriverguy we need to get together on the river this year.
    I want to get a group together like we do for boats on screamandfly for the CTriverun. Huge turnout.

    I like to ride alot too so the bigger pool of people I have to ride the less chance of guys pussing out on me.LOL

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