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    XXL Big Wave Awards Photo Album

    Here are the pics I took at the XXL Big Wave Awards and the things we did before and after with our friends. Carlos Burle stayed with us, we took Maya Gabeira out on her 21st birthday from a ride from Dos Pueblos Rancho to Hollister Ranch, got the Red Bull towsuring waverunner sorted out for both of them, had the Irish team of Mennie and Cotty with Kelly come crash curbside with their motor home, and hosted dinners and breakfasts and rides out of Dana Point.....not sure where to begin and the days seemed like months..really nice time!

    Maya took first in the women's category and Carlos got a third in a category....not too shabby.

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    XXL Big Wave Awards

    April 11, I decided to go to XXL Big Wave Awards that Shawn Alladio from K38 Japan had invited me to.
    I didn't know anything about surfing and I had no idea what will happen at the awards.
    But I am always a curious person, and I didn't want to miss a chance to experience something new. Of course, I wanted to see Shawn, too!

    After I called her and left a message, I searched the venue online and got the google map. I left home before receiving Shawn's reply, because I didn't know how busy the traffic would be, and I was afraid that I might get lost. I was a little worried if she would give me a call because I knew she should be busy before the awards, so I was happy when she called me on the way.

    Actually I had never been to Angel's baseball stadium in Anaheim California, either, so I had to ask
    the way at the gas station right next to the Grove Theatre. I was surprised to see the long line in front of the parking. "Wow, this is a BIG event!"

    It was when I was waiting at the end of the line by myself that Shawn called me and told me not to wait in a line. She was in a black dress with makeup and looked gorgeous. (we both weren't wearing makeup when
    we met last time, weren't we?) Now I finally found that not everybody can participate in the event. Doug, the president of our office would be surprised if I tell him that I went to the awards. (He was the president of the surfing club at his college.)

    Everything was new and interesting to me. Even though I did not know most of them, it was exiting to see world famous surfers presenting the awards. I was also inspired by their speech. I think people of confidence are always good speakers. All the photographs and movies were very beautiful and now I can understand why people get really into surfing. I got even more exited when Maya Gabeira and Carlos Burle won the awards. Congratulations, Maya and Carlos!

    Thank you Shawn for leting me experience such a big event on such short notice.I was so lucky that I happen to meet such a cool person last month.

    I told Doug about the award on Monday, and of course he was jealous!


    4月11日、Shawn Alladio-K38 Japanに誘われていた XXL Big Wave Awardsに行くことにした。

    XXL Big Wave Awards という名前しかわからなかったけどサイトを見て場所を調べ、googleで地図をゲット。

    多分Shawnは忙しいだろうから連絡つかなかったらどうしようと思ったけど途中で電話があったからほっと した。






    Shawn のお友達のMaya Gabeira とCarlos Burle が受賞した時には

    Maya、 Carlos おめでとう!


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