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    Say Goodbye To Champagne Island

    NJ closes Champagne Island to boaters in effort to protect birdsInformation from: The Press of Atlantic City,

    Published: Monday, April 14, 2008

    Only shorebirds will be allowed to flock to Champagne Island this summer.State officials are closing the island off Cape May County to boaters to protect the birds that nest there - terns, piping plovers and black skimmers.
    The news comes as a disappointment to boaters who relish the freedom of the sandbar. The state says the boaters - and their dogs - disturb the bird habitat.
    State director of Fish and Wildlife David Chanda says there's a chance part of the island could be reopened - if conditions allow it.
    Otherwise, conservation officers will be writing tickets to those who try to anchor there.
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    Gotta respect the wildlife afterall they were there first.We have the same thing up by me in LBI. I see it as a plus for next generations. There is plenty of places to ride by me so it no big deal.

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