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    Trim Cable Adjustment

    Hey guys, new to the forum here. Just searched for this question but i couldnt find an answer.

    I just got a 2002 GP1200R and my left handle bar trim seems to be stuck on "N". I can move it to point the trim 3/4 down but thats it. The problem im having is at slow speeds i cant move the trim up to bring the front of the craft out of the waters. so all the water is going over the front. Do i have the right idea here? Im new at this...

    How can i fix this problem, is this something i can do myself? do you think it just needs grease or a new part?

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    Here is a couple of areas to look at. First, take out the front bucket and look to the side wall.. There you find the trim mechanism. Make sure everything is attached, and nothing is binding.

    Second, disconnect the nozzle and make sure it moves freely.

    If these two areas are good, I'm start looking ar the cable or trim lever itself.

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    everything is in tact. It barley moves when i move the handle. Looks like the whole thing is seized up? Is this an easy fix?

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    Try using wd-40 to free it up. Push back on the purple piece and spray behind it and keep moving the trim til it turns free. The trim on my 03 stiffens up when left sitting for weeks at time. Some wd-40 and its back to normal. I spray the 06 trim weekly.I run in salt water on weekends.

    Also, its hard to shift the trim when over 40 mph and yamaha doesn't recommend it.

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    An alternative to WD-40 is Jig-a-loo... It's very water repellent, does not stain or harm paint and doesn't smell that bad... And best yet, you can now buy it at Wal-Mart

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    Thanks guys... im going to try and spray behind the purple trigger and see if that helps. I was just afraid to break something if i moved it to hard. I guess its just a cable. we'll see...

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