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    does cavitiation feel like a slipping clutch ?

    First time here so hello to all. I have an 07 fx ho. went for 1st ride od season yesterday. tons of chop and wind. I thought I felt like a hesitation when I would throttle up hard from a dead stop. nothing in impeller. what could cause this ? Im hoping it was my imagination. Im goind to take her out in calmer water next to see if its still doing it. ust looking for some feedback / info .

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    yes it does feel like a slipping clutch

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    If the ski slows noticeably but the revs rise (engine noise goes up in pitch), that's cavitation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbtd View Post
    yes it does feel like a slipping clutch

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    That would be cavitation. You should look into getting a pump plug kit and intake grate from Jerry's store it will help get rid of the cavitation.

    And Welcome to the site

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