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    Adhesive removal???

    Okay, whos got the hot ideas for removing the adhesive from my decals and my foam traction grip deals? I'm tired of breathing gas.

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    fingernail polish remover the non acetone. thats how i remove my decals and glue. works great for me

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    decal, heat gun and goo gone or wd 40 and 0000 steel wool

    pads acetone

    2 different adhesives

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    i used this stuff called orange peel. its used very widely by vinyl graphics shops. I used a heat gun to really over heat the vinyl and then scrape it off with a metal putty knife (usually leaving the dreaded adhesive). Then let it cool and spray on the orange peel ~2 minutes later the adhesive will be a lot like boogers and will easily scrape off with a plastic putty knife or even wipe off. Same for hydro turf, though if its the pressure sensitive adhesive you will have adhesive between the hull and middle piece of plastic film, then adhesive between the film and the hydro turf.

    here is one link to a retailer, kind of pricey this one, but the one i use works no matter what, any kind of adhesive at all really, so i think its totally worth it

    good luck with whatever you choose to do

    PS, its all natural in most forms and actually smells like oranges, so you wont walk away from your work buzzed or dizzy or anything like that

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    I use PB Blaster penetrating fluid. Spray on, maybe spread it out a little with something. Let it sit for 20-30 seconds and then use a plastic putty knife, or Bondo filling scraper and most all of it comes off.

    Then spray it down lightly again and just go over with a towel and more PB. Works great.

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    All paint/body shops have one brand or another of something called "tar and wax remover."

    It works great...and usually on the second WIPE of a rag. I use my fingernails if it's crusted, once the liquid softens it up.

    Use outdoors. It's not bad, but anything that smells like a solvent, should be.

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    I used acetone in the past, but the problem is you have to compound an wax the the entire area were the solvent has been used becuase it messes up- the surface Avoid acetone if you can

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    Adhesive remover

    I use a heat gun to remove the vinyl, then use my adhesive remover to get rid of the goo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedlineR6 View Post
    I use PB Blaster penetrating fluid. ...

    Then spray it down lightly again and just go over with a towel and more PB. Works great.
    I found that PB Blaster can stain plastics with a yellow-orange colour if left on the surface for too long.

    I generally use WD-40 with light scraping or use a plastic scrubby for goo removal, followed by Simple Green to get the oily residue off.

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