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    '05 Sportster: Water (a lot) in bilge after WOT

    Long first post.....
    I am new to the site although I have been lurking for a while. Recently bought an 05 Sportster 4-tec. The fist time on the water, I knew it should plane faster but once on plane, I was happy with the top speed. After a few times on the water, I realized I needed a new impeller and wear ring. I replaced both myself (sr-cd 11/19) and am happy with the results. On test ride, hole shot was great, planed almost instantly, felt much faster and quieter than before so I am happy with the upgrade.

    Prior to the impeller replacement, I noticed some water in the bilge after a lengthy WOT run (20-25 minutes maybe). Only a few inches but enough to kick the bilge pump on.

    After impeller replacement, the boat sounded great, moved nicely, and was great for a 10 min WOT test run. We stopped the boat, opened the deck storage and saw it was FULL of water. Opened the engine compartment and there was about 18 inches if water in the bilge! The engine was almost submerged! I was able to pump out ok and headed home at just above idle speed just to be careful. During that 3-4 miles home, no water entered the bilge and when the boat was docked for 20 minutes, there was no more water in the bilge.

    My dealer states it is probably an adjustment with the Carbon Ring and of course I should immediately bring her in to service. Here are my questions....

    How do I adjust/inspect the carbon ring? I rebuilt the pump in about 3 hours start to finish, so is the carbon ring something I can do myself?
    Why the massive flood with the new prop? Could I have messed something up when I rebuilt the pump?

    Any other theories that I should be looking at? Thanks for any replies.

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    I am no expert I have only done a whole lot of reading. It does sound like what dealer said carbon seal. may be damaged or need to be adjusted. I have read that it can be adjusted by loosing ruber hose on carbon seal and sliding it closer. I can be wrong so you may want to do a search on it or maybe read in service manual. good luck Robin

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    You actually improved the capacity of the pump with that better impeller and new wear ring, so no you didn'T mess anything, i'd say your carbon ring needs IMMEDIATELY to be changed.

    This can sunk your boat if you don't take care immediately, have that carbon ring seal changed, usually when they leak, they leak during maximum pump pressure operation, in other words WOT.

    This seems to be your problem, have that changed, changing it is not a big deal but it requires few tools, and require it to be realigned after, so if you do not know how to do it and do it wrongly, you could actually scrap the new one, i say have it changed by the dealer or somebody you know that might help you out to do it properly the first time...

    Let us know the outcome...!

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