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    California Day “Priceless” ARTICLE

    Subject: California Day “Priceless” ARTICLE
    Driving from your beach home for an hour while pulling your PWC when you only live five minutes away from your launch ramp (Cabrillo) and 15 minutes from the second one (Long Beach) to meet friends for a club ride. $12.00 gas + $10.00 launch

    Filling up your PWC with California taxed 91 high octane fuel for two adrenaline filled hours of offshore riding. $45.00

    Filling up your belly with a California “steak burrito” and cup of Channel Islands coffee before the ride. $6.50

    Sitting outside a restaurant watching beautiful California girls going by with the ocean as the background on the warmest day of the year; while sipping on a perfect Bloody Mary and eating calamarie served by a green eyed (you guessed it) California babe. $40.00

    Racing offshore WOT (wide open throttle) with two of’s elite endurance riders while smoking one and almost keeping up with the other. Priceless!

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    In case it hasn't been said... welcome to the GH forums.

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    LB2CAT Race – 100+ Riders

    Subject: LB2CAT Race – 100+ Riders

    Sunday, July 20, 2008: Long Beach, CA to Avalon, Catalina and Back Race

    Guys, guess what? MASTERCARD called this morning and they like the “priceless” commercial I wrote and want to film it as a commercial using our SoCal Watercraft Club. No kidding. The only problem we’re now having is finding someone to play the guy that gets smoked. Someone volunteered JAMMER but he can’t be found.

    Honestly, if you haven’t figured it out by now my great friend Mark whom I would do most anything for will be out of my reach once his SeaDoo gets “Friebesized”. So time is short; he may not be as easy to find the last five (5) break-in hours.

    My visions for my articles usually come to me in the length of time it takes me to drive home following a ride. My thoughts for this article were about how to stir up more activity for the LB2Cat Race.

    So, let me start with you. Do you know where the entry forms for the ride are? Why is the date given for the ride in one of the PWC rags incorrect? When are the riding clinics going to take place for those first time offshore riders that just need that extra kick to sign up. Clinics for things like learning to read a GPS; offshore equipment demonstrated; riding styles to use; first time get together rides to Avalon, etc. STAY TUNED FOR ANSWERS TO THESE AND MORE QUESTIONS!

    I want to end this story with letting you know that the one person that by taking the time to talk to me in an extremely positive way paved the way for me to become so enthusiastic about this sport – Kim Bushong. Saturdays Dana Point ride was the second time I met up with him.

    The first time is below if you want to keep on reading. It’s my ride article I wrote on or about March 2007.

    So how did I get here? With more time on my hands than I wanted I was scanning the e-bay ads for say a motorcycle, ultralight, ATV, jet boat. That actually is the order I started looking. Jet ski’s didn’t even make the radar. Fortunately, one day they did. The asking bid seemed reasonable and finally as if by surprise I received those encouraging words on my bid – you won! I won. Where will I keep them asked the wife? Good question and since she knew that didn’t want to pay a monthly fee I literally tore into project #1 by tearing down a side wall to stretch out my driveway. That somehow spurred project #2 which required that I relocate the waterheater; which spurred project #3 on my second floor where I added a wall and new closet. Don’t ask me how now but these three projects are somehow connected.

    So why can’t I keep up with the guy wearing a helmet. Seems the only guy I found out riding one Sunday morning was none other than Kim Bushong?????

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    =d> =d> =d> =d> I Like!

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