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    Crossed keyed skis

    Both skis, same keys....HALLELUJAH!

    It was simple to do with the registration tool.

    Thanks Skip, for the idea, way to think outside the box!


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    How do you do it?

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    As per the Key regristrations directions in the manual or Skip's site,

    then, do the skis original keys and the keys to the 2nd ski and any additional keys if you chose (total of 6 keys), then take those same keys and program the 2nd ski with the same keys you just did for the first.

    Make sure on the 2nd ski you start with an original key to that ski when you start programming.

    It's the ski that gets programmed not the key, so think of it has you telling the ski what keys to accept.

    Friends can even add each others (of course if you trust um)
    Dealer even said that he had thought about makeing a master for all the skis he sells so he can always have a key to make new ones if need be.


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