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    Manual and Low RPM's 01 TXI


    Can someone tell me where I can find a service manual for my 2001 polaris virage txi?

    Second question....My txi will start just fine but will not run over 500 rpm, its like there is a govener on it or something. A friend of mine has 2004 model said he had same prob. he disconnected main elec. box connection, about the size of a ciggarett box and reconnected it and it ran great. His 04 model apparently has somekind of a safety so you cannot burn up engine?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Asa

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    Hi and WELCOME to the Green HUlk Forums.
    I'm going to move this to General so you get more exposure and some answers.
    I'm pretty sure the manual is on our tech section and I'd start with the TPS for low RPM's??

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    01 virage TX no spark HELP!!!!

    I need to find a service manual for a 01'virage TX I have no spark and need testing info for stator I installed a new coil and nothing please help

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    What is a tps? Thanks, Asa

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    Quote Originally Posted by asacascavilla View Post
    What is a tps? Thanks, Asa
    TPS = Throttle Position Sensor

    These tend to fail from vibration and water ingress, especially in the early Ficht years.

    When they fail, you get inconsistent engine throttle response, reduce power, etc.

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