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    How strong is the ski pylon on speedster/wake?

    I just purchased a 2008 Speedster / wake edition with 430hp. My question is , how strong is the ski pylon on the back of the boat? Is it strong enough to tow a tube with 3 people on it ? I know the pylon retracts into the hull when not in use, but how tough is it?

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    3 People? No it will bend for sure.

    Made for 1 person but maybe you would get away with 2 people

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    Well.... I've done a lot of towing a 3 person mega-wing, three kids about 120lbs each. I haven't bent it, BUT, I was very conscious of the fact that I could, if I really tried to or wasn't careful.

    I haven't used it yet, but my solution was to get a new tow rope from Overtons, that has an elastic bungie section. That should reduce the force of any sudden jerks that would bend the pylon.

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    I have pulled a tubes (adults in both) and a 3 person tube (all adults) and have no signs of any bending on the pylon.

    I like the bungie idea to make sure.....but 3 summers of towing and no issues so far.

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    doesn't the speedster wake come with the tower where you would put the line for a wakeboarder?

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    Good point....hook that to the tower it is made for that, i say the retractable pole is for very light towing needs...wouldn't tow as much on it for myself. Suggestion is either the tower, or add those round type of tow hook in the back of the boat, My C180 has it behind near the swimming platform, this is best option for tube, as the wake will make the tubes jump a lot more on waves being higher to hook to.

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