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    Jet Ski ban........

    This is a news clipping takin in todays newspaper. If any is willing to help out espically if you have any connections to Sea Doo Yamaha and Kawi as he needs as much support as possible. If you can help out at all it will be welcomed.... thanks for the time guys.

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    Thats what being in the AWA is all about. I hope your are?

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    If I was that guy I would buy a 35' Cigarette or Fountain with the biggest most powerfull superchargered tripple big blocks and through the hall exhaust. Then those people in Maine would really have something to bitch about.

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    It's a matter of the "haves" and "have-nots." PWC are affordable, clean, safe, and easy to own and maintain. "Anyone" with $13k can afford a really nice one these days. This totally flys in the face of those ELITE few who want the water for their own. It always will. As the quality of new watercraft FAR OUTPACE the same class of boats, it becomes a very sticky argument...

    As (or if) the dems come back into a full 2 or 3 branch power this winter, we may all be scratching our heads about what to do with our new flower planters...made by kawasaki, sea doo, honda, yamaha, etc...

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    I think we should help Joe put together an unmuffled Spitfire exhaust for him free of charge

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    Oh if they do uphold the band I WILL BE BUYING A 1986 skater with twin outboards that does 100+ it will brake the bank but it will give them something to bitch about. What really bugz me is that they say speed and HANDLING OF THE SKIS ummmmmm HELLO IF I THINK IM GONNA HIT SOMETHING I WANT SOMETHING THAT IS GONNA TURN QUICK. THIS HAS ME SO PISSED OFF TO NO END...... I HATE DEMOCRATS AND YES IT IS BECAUSE OF THEM

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    I am from Maine too what a rip off this state is going down the shitter with all of the tree hugging pieces of crap that move here. You dont see me running them down when they jog in the middle of the road in 5 oclock traffic, because the shoulder is to uneven. Maybe we should start! Again it is no enforcement of the existing laws so they will just keep making new ones and more plus those idiots on capital hill need to show they are real busy so they dont get laid off. A Sea Doo does less damage to the environment than a Bass boat going 85 across the lake or grandpas old 1953 johnson outboard he still has running.

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    ill cheers to that!!!! here here

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