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    My first to mods on 04 RXP?

    im doing the thru hull exhaust and the pro filter that wraps around the engine how much of a difference should i expect thanks!!!

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    You're only going to gain 1mph top end from that. The thru hull does nothing other than give you better sound and free up space in the hull. In order to take advantage of the powerfilter you will need to get a Solas 14/19R prop. Then you will gain more. I also suggest picking up a Riva intake grate for your ski. Helps with hookup at higher speeds.

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    Here is my testing of my stage 1 parts for you can see I didn't get solid gains until I added the 14/19R prop which is noted with the full stage 1 listing (3rd set).

    Stock average: 67.55mph
    Stock best: 68.8mph

    blocks, pf, & grate average: 69.25mph
    blocks, pf, & grate best: 69.4mph
    gain average (stock): 1.7mph
    gain best (stock): 0.6mph

    blocks, pf, grate, rp holes filled average: 69.67mph
    blocks, pf, grate, rp holes filled best: 69.8mph
    gain average (stock): 2.12mph
    gain average (previous): 0.42mph
    gain best (stock): 1mph
    gain best (previous): 0.4mph

    Stage 1, blocks, rp holes filled average: 70.86mph
    Stage 1, blocks, rp holes filled best: 71.3mph
    gain average (stock): 3.31mph
    gain average (previous): 1.19mph
    gain best (stock): 2.5mph
    gain best (previous): 1.5mph

    **pf = powerfilter, rp = rideplate, blocks = riva pro series opas blockoffs
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    i was wondering y riva suggested the new prop.

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    One thing I should also note with my testing is that I was always running too high of RPM, even when I had the 14/19R installed. With the Stage 1 I was always seeing 8150~8200 RPM which is too close to the limiter and above the sweet spot which is 8100 RPM. I probably could have gained another mph just by repitching the 14/19R and getting my RPM back down to 8100 RPM.

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    so here is a question if im running the intake and i need the 19r prop will that prop be ok if im eventually going to run the stage 2 kit i dont want to buy a prop twice if ya know what i mean thanks

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    The 14/19R would work for a stage 2 once you repitch it, but you won't be getting the max performance out of your stage 2 with that prop. For a stage 2 setup you should run a 15/20R. However that is WAY TOO MUCH prop for a stage 1 setup and is sometimes too much prop for a stage 2. If you want the max performance out of each setup then you're going to need each prop for that particular setup and then pitch accordingly so your RPM are on the sweet spot. Check the classifieds section, someone probably has some good deals on 14/19R and 15/20R props.

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    thanks for your help i think i will just go with the one for stage one i found a guy on here selling that prop for 150 just nervous buying used props!!!

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    Don't forget to change your Spark Plugs when you change your cold air intake.

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    ok i just changed them bout 5 hrs ago do i need to do again or is that ok

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