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    Securing to trailer...

    My friends and I are planning a trip down to Havasu for the weekend. So we will be parking the ski's overnight in a hotel parking lot. What methods are best used for securing the ski's over night in a parking lot. I have a tongue lock and I plan on locking the safety chains as well. I was also thinking about trying to back the trailer up to a wall, or we would back our trailers up to each other. I am looking for some advice and methods that are proven. Thanks in advance. Matt.

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    If your worried about them being stolen you could run a smaller chain through the trailers wheels and into the intake grate that way people couldn't lift the ski off the trailer and they wont be able to see it.

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    We have always run long cable locks from one trailer/ski to the other trailer/ski with everything parked side by side. Use a handful of different cables, chains, locks etc. My one buddy flattened both of his trailer tires for the night. The point being to make it a pain to steal so that a would be theif moves on to another target.

    One thing I did last year was to bungie an old beat up looking blue home depot tarp over the top of the ski/most of the trailer. Made it look as ghetto and worthless as possible. Try to make it appear that there's nothing worth stealing...

    My old man used to call this type of theft prevention as just keeping the honest theives honest...
    Good Luck

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    I never thought about taking the ski off of the trailer. I have a lock to keep the hitch locked to the ball. I don't have a receiver lock, but my receiver pin is located about an inch away from my exhaust on either side, so even I don't remove the pin unless it sits for a couple hours. I have never left it overnight although I have been to friends houses partying until like 3am with no worries.

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    If you use any chain to lock the wheel theif will cut it very easy, any type of chain will not do it, try to use a solid bar with a lock on the trailer wheels and add a lock at the trailer tong to prevent it from towing the trailer.

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    Kryptonite Cable

    Receiver pin lock on truck with tubular type key. Always.
    Coupler lock on trailer latch designed to prevent 'Bolt Cutter' access. Always.
    Kryptonite cable for bicycle secures PWC to trailer. I have actually quit doing this part in recent years. Maybe I should start doing this again...

    I have often parked overnight at Laughlin (NV) Hotels with no trouble. They have armed guards on bicycles.
    I have always stayed at rented houses in Havasu, never in hotels. Maybe the hotel can tell you where the most secure parking is. Maybe near the guard shack or the cameras or the best lighting. I have never had any trouble at any of the houses, even with trailer disconnected from truck. I always leave the coupler locked when trailer is unhooked. This prevents a quick 'Hook up and take' approach by thieves.
    I am guessing that Havasu would be at least as safe as Laughlin. Both are along the Colorado River, just a ways apart.
    Good luck.

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