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    02 xlt 1200 rpm problems

    I was told about this site from a shop that does a lot of watercraft work, and I am very impressed with the knowledge that you guys have. I need some advice as to what could be the problem with my xlt.
    First off, I have about 3 to 5 hours on the rebuilt motor, and carbs. I don't trust myself rebulding carbs so I got them done at what I feel is a very compitant shop. When I say a motor rebuild, I reused the crank, and 2 of the 3 cylinders. I was able the find another cylinder that was in excelent condition. I put wsm pistons in it, and while it was all down I put the d-plate and sensor in. After break in, it was running at 55 mph gps. Now 5 hours into it, 51.5 and 6500 rpms (on the dash) is all i can get. The powervalves were cleaned thoroughly when I had the motor down. After reading many other threads, I am a little worried if the valves are adjusted right. If anyone has any advice for me, please let me know.

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    First thing they will tell you ( i am new also) is get an after market tach and gps to get accurate information, you can not trust the dash display...

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    More info:

    was the fuel level the same between runs?
    was the weather(RAD)the same that day?
    can you hear the PV motor cycle when you shut it off?
    compression #'s?


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    Dropping 3.5 mph. is alot and rpm's are low first thing to do is check compression and make sure it's ok. check the plugs make sure they are firing right, And if that is fine make sure the power valves are cycling and fully opening.

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    Thank you guys for your willingness to help. On the 51.5 run, i was on one bar of fuel, and the 55 I was on more than half a tank. I did a compression test after i noticed how bad it was running, all 3 cylinders were putting out 115. If anyone could tell me how to properly adjust powervalves, I would greatly appreciate it.
    The PV motor does cycle through after engine is shut off.
    Plugs look great, they are a little on the richer side, but not much.
    Not too much of a variance in weather, first day might have been a little cooler than the others, but all were in 70's, or low 80's.

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