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    How to get my EIN (engine VIN) on 4-Tec?

    bought a new to me, 2007 sportster 155 and I need the EIN for insurance but the plate is at the front of the engine and impossible to get your head down to read. Unless I need a mirror and a flashlight. There is a sticker on the top of the intake with a bunch of numbers but i assume those will be model numbers etc?

    Any options?

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    The mirror trick works pretty well and sometimes the dealer will put the engine number and the hull number in the back of the manual.

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    might as well go get one of those mirrors on a'll use it again i promise.

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    Get a pencil and a piece of white paper. If you can get the pencil and paper in that area. trace it by rubbing the pencil lead on the # groves. If not, hire a little chinese guy to stick his head in there and tell him to yell it out in english as you write it down on paper. give him a good tip, you might need him again.

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