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    2005 RXP Gelcoat cracking

    My ski has gelcoat cracks all over it on the bottom and I wanted to find out what I should do. I called BRP today and they said sorry your only covered for the first year. It seems logical to me to take all the gelcoat off the bottom of the ski and epoxy resin the entire bottom half then just single stage paint it. What are your thoughts? And yes I have read all of the threads out there but I can't seem to find a conclusion from the people that have ran into this problem before.

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    Don't have much too say about your problem, except if it was my ski, I would take it to the shop, that I know does good work and tell them "FIX IT". I really wanted to say that is a good looking ski.

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    I have really fine "cracks" in my gelcoat as well. I think I read a forum post that said it was normal or common with the rxps. I have slammed my hull when jumping 6 foot waves a couple times.(most of the times I land smooth.) I think thats what caused this.

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