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    Crank question

    Hi, I just have a question about a USED 900 crank. The crank has a small amount of side to side on the pto and mag pistons and a little more in the center. NONE though have any up and down just some side to side. Id say no more then .5mm side to side. Also the roller bearings spin freely but make some slight sound(I am guessing since it has no oil in it) Any ideas if this is a good useable crank would be grateful. Thanks again and good luck!


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    Hmm, don't have a service manual for that motor, but it will likely have the specs in the rebuilding section. I'm sure the manual is here on the site somewhere.

    When I have questions like these, I go to my local mechanic, they'll always take a minute to look at stuff like this and give me an opinion. Really, any gritty feeling on a bearing means its on borrowed time. If it's just one bearing on an end, you can easily change that....


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    900 crankshaft

    The specs are the same as the 1050, but Beware, as the 900 firing order is different from the 1050... If you have a 900 motor, you are better off to purchase a 1050 crankshaft and switch the firing order on the coils... 900 cranks slipped out of phase easily.. I have a 1050 crankshaft for sale if you really need one, but you might find one cheaper elsewhere..


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