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    1998 GP800 Gauge Compatibility

    I have a bad gauge cluster on my 1998 GP 800. I have found clusters from a 1997 GP 760 and a 2004 XLT 800. Will either of these two work as a replacement? Also, how easy is it to make this change? Is it pretty much plug in and go? Thanks a lot.

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    no go from what I have been learning and I swapped a gauge into a 700 that never had a gauge , i used a 760 unit but the r motors had dif configuration so the opposite wouldn't fly either Z

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    That makes sense, however, I found this site with parts catalogs that shows the same part number for a 1997 waverunner 760 and a 1998 GP 800.... Does anyone else have any ideas?


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    yamaha has a site if u want to check part numbers

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