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Thread: tripple pipe ??

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    tripple pipe ??

    I have heard that tripple pipe engines have to have the wrist pins and bearing replace every 30 to 40 hours. Is this from running high compression or is it from the higher rpm's? Or just the pipes themself. If I run the pipes on a stock motor (vf3's installed) how long will the crank last without being welded?

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    I'm pretty sure its from the added rpms. Ideally EGTs wouldn't be much hotter.

    IMO a boat that has tripples is no longer recreational, just to much maintenance.

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    I ran a stock ported 03 oem 1300 motor for 2 years
    in my triple. Rpms were summer 8050 and 8180 during
    cool months. No problems, I then upgraded to a bigger
    motor. Crank was stock, not welded. Never touched
    the motor. The topend is still running over 90 in another

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