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    Chip in hull... How bad?

    This is the 1st time my new R-12x has been in the water and I got a chip on the left (port) side of the hull on the 1st ride... I can't believe it. I didn't even know it had happened, it wasn't until I pulled the ski out of the water onto the houseboat that I found the chip.

    I owned a Yamaha for 8 years and never had a mark/chip like this so i'm not sure why it happened so easily to my Honda?

    How bad is this? Does this chip cause any problems? What are ways to fix it?

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    I'm wondering if this happened when the dealership transferred the ski from the shipping crate to the trailer?

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    The Honda's thick gelcoat seems to chip easily, I've had a couple of those. Rather than pay to have them repaired, I've used MarineTex and black spray paint since it's on the bottom. One chip was about 25 hours ago and still looks OK. You won't get a shiny surface without new gelcoat, but for an area that noone will see, I didn't want to spend the $$.

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    Marinetex [good/easy], Adtech [better] or West Systems [best] Epoxy [dyed black with a tint kit] would be a good fix.
    That took quite a bit of force to chisel all the way to the FRP underlayup. The chips in my Honda's gelcoat had voids [bubbles] behind them. Yours did not, the pictures show a good bond in the laminate.

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