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    What Are The Best Sunglasses For Salt Water Sking

    Trying to find a good pair of shades that don't get all messed up after a few minutes of riding. I have some ray bans right now and as soon as they get wet I have to keep wipping them off but they get hard to see out off after a while. Are there any good shades out there for Jet Sking or does this happen with all sunglasses.

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    so i was looking for something to. and i searched around the forums and came up with seaspecs some pages have a link to the site. the got a special buy 2 get one free. to fix your prob rain x put some on the glasses like you would you car and you should be good to go.

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    Thanks I will check out there website

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    yea i just oredered some seaspecs fri i cant wait to try them out. i guess oakley makes something that looks just like the seaspecs around 170 dollars . i dont have the money for shit like that but im sure they are good to.

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    i just find a pair of wraparound sunglasses that fit well, and are cheep, and use some "floateyes".
    currently using fostergrant ironman glasses, dark tint great for cutting the glare off the water, fit real comfy, 20 dollars at drug store.
    i also use rainX, works great!!!
    lost too many pair, or scratched or cracked lenses to bother spending alot on water glasses.

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    I find seaspecs let too much air in at over the 60mph mark.

    they also let all the water behind.

    I have 3 pairs, but only use for light cruising. (no not all at once )

    For serious riding, eyeride motowear glasses

    the sundance model

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    pretty much doesnt matter what you wear as they will all spot up once they get wet, the best thing to do is to try the rain x to help reduce it but nothing will eliminate it 100%. i have personally lost a small fortune to the rivers bottom so only cheaper shades for me when i'm sking. heres a secret tip for you though that i only give to my special homies keep a little bottle of eye glass cleaner and a few small cleaning cloths in your glove box then you can periodically give them a good cleaning while your out riding

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    These are bigger and bulcky, but I can see. After spending a few hundred dollars trying others. These are the only ones that dont fog at all and dont spot much at all.

    I dont go in the ocean without them..

    For the price it is good to have a pair around.

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