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    Anyone else waste their winter?

    I had plans for going through my Pro over the winter to take care of some small issues and what not. That never happend.

    So here I am finally getting started with some of the stuff, and wouldnt ya know, I just keep finding more stuff I want to do or take care of. Perfect timing also.....time to be in the fields conditioning and planting real soon, so thats gona put me past the time I wanted to be done.

    Nothing really big to do, just bunch of little things that add up and finding time to get them done is gonna be a chore.

    First things.
    1. Removed head to inspect the holes refresh my mind where I was at with my jetting (was fighting to gain 200-400 rpm's last summer)
    2. Install my primer kit i've had for over a year, figured it would be a good time to install while i'm doing my spring carb cleaning.
    3. It's time to find some good hose clamps to replace the ones between manifolds and pipes. (constantly breaking the crappy ones I can find around here)
    4. Want to reroute and change some of my plumbing. Maybe get a different strainer.
    5. Also reroute some of my wiring stuff, I thought it all looked good, but kind of a hassle when I have to do any wiring work or upkeep.
    6. Would really like to install a water temp gauge since I have no thermo and no temp sensor.
    7. Way over due for a new seat cover!
    8. New hose time from pipes to front collector.
    9. Need some new H and L speed adjusters in my carbs since they've been mangled for quite awhile.
    10. Inspect the pump

    I hope thats it, but I know i'll find much more once I get half way since I'm too picky.

    The newly acquired stand-up from last summer needs a number of things.
    1. premix convert
    2. New battery
    3. It's way dirty, oil and nasty $hit all over on the inside.

    Not getting too crazy with it!

    I'm not sure what all needs to be done with Morg15t's ski's but I know we have some stuff.

    1. Hurricane is goin back to single pipe I believe.
    2. The 1050 shouldnt need to much, maybe just a pump inspection.

    I'm beginning to think I have a ski in which I just work on during riding season. Or maybe I just like wrenching too much during the summer.

    Let's hear it, anyone else?

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    I think that I am good for this summer. I have done the following to the PRO the last few months.
    1. New primer kit installed
    2. New plug wires, caps, and plugs
    3. Cut away the factor handle bar covers for aftermarket finger throttle
    4. New ODI grips.....I love em
    5. New battery
    6. Flush kit installed

    Now next winter is going to be a whole nother story
    1. Carb cleaning
    2. Tear down ski and new gel coat or paint
    3. New side bumpers
    4. Hopefully a used UMI steering assy
    5. New decals
    6. New Hydroturf mats
    7. New seat cover
    8. Reinforce hull....ya it's a 97
    9. All new water hoses

    I am sure that there will be many more as wellMy unlimate goal is to restore this great ski to mostly original, besides the handling and seat cover. I think that I am going to go away from the 97 color scheme and covert to the 99-00 black and red. I also perfer the decals from those years. Hopefully gas does not go up much more this summer or I am not going to be able to afford this stuff by November

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    Im ready to go Have some acquired stuff that i could install.

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    The PSI Ski has a garage full of stuff I've ordered for it. Let's see...another 140mm pump,Hydro-turf,Ummm.....Damn It,Can't remember what all I have bought.Been gone so long when I get home Wed. It'll be like Christmas,Boxes everwhere.
    And then I have to go pick up the MSX in Missouri,and I know I've bought a bunch for it already too. Looks like it'll be after MudBug till I get everything sorted out.
    Almost forgot, Still have the Mystery 750 PSI Single Piped,44mm Carbed,OP Head motor coming up from Fla. Looks like it will be going into one of Lugs Pro Hulls. I've got almost as many projects going as Xlint,Or Lugs or AL.

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    Winter closed in rather quickly after picking up my first Polaris Virage TXi in November. I had planned to work on it on the sunny, non-snowy, not-so-cold weeks that we often have during December and into January of recent winters.

    Instead, we had a full season of winter weather, complete with unpredictable and fairly frequent snow storms, and near record breaking amounts of snow accumulation (just shy of the all time winter record). I still have deep snow on the lawn.

    Until last week, I have had NO working room in the garage, what with supplies for indoor renovations and other projects taking up the remaining room. Next to nothing PWC got done for months, in terms of results. I did have some success with the SS replacement hood struts project, but that is a different thread.

    I also have not been able to go fetch the other two Polaris I bought late in the year, since my trailer was put into storage to get it out of my driveway the day before our first big storm. The drive was subsequently in frequent need of snow clearing. Will have to go get that trailer someday soon...

    Now I have two to pick up, and all three to get ready for summer. Going to be busy...
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    Hey, Redline,You and Morg15t have to make it over to "Jetfest" this year at Coralville. Whata Hook up and ride with you guys. You should have everything in the ground by then.
    Were are you by? Might be hitting a couple of OutLaw Pulls this year around the State.

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    Its all good, im up at school an purchased all what i needed to work on my ski over spring break. But i ended up going away for break. So far i have to install the tripple pisser set up, send prop to impros, rebuild the carbs, install primer kit, an change out rear cylinder due to a leaky carb going lean...Oo an i start summer classes at home like 4 days later when i get home. I may just screw it an not even ride the polaris this summer. Schools more important.

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