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    yipee!!! got em' today

    i just bought a brand new 2006 red rxp and rxt sitting on a floating dock in south florida... wow... what a thrill on the first ride... i rode the rxp...really great..

    i read the posts, but i would love input on items to manage or mod right away, since i am a new owner...

    btw, what does everyone block off the OPAS????



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    OPAS removal for both skis, a pump wedge for the RXT and Riva grate for the RXP would be my recommendation.

    After that I would start thinking about air intake and props- these are the most bang for the buck.

    Enjoy your skis- good luck with them.

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    Leave them stock for now... unless you just want to do the NOPAS and grate/wedge like Vman suggested. That is for better handling. I would leave the motor alone until you accumulate some hours on it. I`ve read and experienced way to many clutch failures for one reason or another...just my 2 cents...PR...

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    Congrats!!! I would leave them alone for now too. Get use to them and break them in and then start modding them if you want.

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    Congrats you'll love the new skis. Like others, I say you should at least get the 10hr break-in finished before you mod. Then if you still want more, start with the Riva I or II, but be warned, once you start modding its hard to stop. . .


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    yep, get the 10 hours first then start spending ooops I ment modding,

    My RXT has 12.4 hours and my first mod (well the first thing I am doing before the real mods start)is off and shipping to Nils Monday

    I have my wish list in my shopping cart i think I think I need a second job

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