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    Question Q: about the '99 Polaris SLX

    Hi guys, have been searching for another ski and took notice of the short hull and power of the Polaris models.
    In particular, I'm looking at the 1050cc SLX and want to know how other owners of that model like them.

    Are they reliable?
    Are mods available?
    Are they fun? (redundant question...LoL)

    Thank you.

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    My 99 SLX was an excellent ski. I wish I would have kept it. I got 63.9 on radar out of the box and the fun factor was high.
    The only downfall for me was the rough water handling. If there is a good chop you have to ride standing up if you want to get anywhere quick.
    I sold it to buy my MSX and wish I had kept it. I will buy another if I find one just to play on.

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    They are a great watercraft but as mentioned above rough water will make you wish you were young. You can change ride plates and intake grates to make it better but it will only take you so far. IF you're riding mostly inland lake with mild chop, they are a kick in the pants.

    If you are planning mods you might want to start with a 1200 versus the 1050. As the old saying goes "There's no replacement for displacement".
    You can easily obtain mod parts for both engine displacements with the cost being roughly the same.

    As far as reliability the only real issue is the ignition system. There is a stator/CDI/coil up-date kit you will need to purchase when you lose spark (if it hasn't yet been replaced).

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    I love mine...

    I have had it since 2001 now and it just its always there, always fast. Other people get off the thing and just have a perma smile.

    I am going to go against the grain here and say that the rough water handling isn't that bad, or maybe it just doesn't bother me that much. I have never changed grates or plates because I like the playfulness the hull has as it sits and I don't want to mess with that.

    I run a skat prop and getter better holeshot but lost a little on top (maybe 1 to 1.5 mph??) gets going out of corners awesome though. Putting a skat prop on gave me a quick noticeable change in performance.

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