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    Dana Point to Oceanside 04/05/08

    Todayís Dana Point to Oceanside story is brought to you by SoCal Watercraft Club at and the Orange County Boat Show held at the AnaheimConvention Center. Thatís because most of the club may still be there as Iím now back home, cleaned up and writing this story. The advertisement for the boat show claims that the boating season is just around the corner but not for SoCal Watercraft club members; because we ride all year round. At least some of us do!

    Ultra 250 Ken and I were the only two skiís in the water today until reaching Oceanside. The only skiís we encountered were several stand ups that were just getting started. For some reason there were lots of fishing boats out today giving us an indication as to the kelp line. Even with that Ken managed to get himself tangled up several times with kelp as this was his first trip to both Dana Point and Oceanside (N33.20720, W117.39474). Give that kelp line a wide berth.

    The GTX rode great on the ride out to Oceanside but the real story to be told is that I rode the 2007 Ultra all the way back to Dana Point. Even with all that helmet protection I can still hear those mad screaming Kawa cats. Todayís ocean conditions strongly favored the Ultra. I say that because I remember on several occasions on the way out (7 miles from Oceanside) I came down pretty hard on several waves and the loud ďbangĒ that I heard let me know just how hard I riding.

    I took it somewhat easy when we traded knowing that Ken is still breaking her in as she only has eight hours. However, at our first stop waiting for him to catch up; he made the mistake of telling me that five hours is all that was needed before the Ultra could be run wide open. It was WOT from then on as I put her through her paces bringing up all kinds of water. I was about as wet as we were during last weekends aborted Avalon trip. There were some good swells out today but no white caps or wind. In fact, Iím in Cabrillo looking out the window and the usual wind did not show up today. Coming out of Oceanside on my GTX I think I dropped almost a good 20 feet on the front side of a great surfing wave.

    Take a look at the pictures of a pretty brave small fishing boat entering the harbor entrance and youíll know what Iím talking about. Also look at the fuel prices at Oceanside. Fortunately for us we did not require refueling. For those that didnít know Oceanside is within range there and back of your GTX and Ultraís so, that means that itís within range of most anything else. My thoughts about the Ultra as this is my first time riding one is that it is much easier on the legs however, gives you more of an upper body workout. It is a great ocean plow boat; reminds me of a Bluefin offshore fishing boat that can handle all kinds of weather. Iím sold. Let me know when you see a good sale on a 2008 and Iím there.
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    Dana Point to Oceanside and back ride on 4/5 08

    I (ken) had a great time riding with Ralph on the ride. The guy is fast. And so is his RXT. And oh boy, am I outta shape for 56 mile runs in the open ocean. After blowing an engine in my old '03 185hp gtx seadoo and waiting 3 months to get it back, I get one ride in, go to the nascar race in Fontana and come home to find no more skiis!!! Stolen!!!! Mope and groan around the house for a month till my wife can't stand it any and orders me to go get another ski. So I find a dealer has one 07 ultra left and gives me a great deal. Do what Kawi sez and keep it cool for about six hours of fun (mostly in the breakwater) casual riding. One of my buddies put on two of those hours.
    Back to the story. So fast Ralph and I leave Dana Point and head for Oceanside. For the first fifteen miles wer'e doing mid forties to mid fifties in the rough and having a great time. Then my right (thottle) hand didn't wanna work that well any more. I'm used to the seadoo thumb throttle, not the finger throttle. And my weights in the garage don't have a finger throttle exercise. (How dare they!!) We get to Oceanside and let I Ralph ride my ultra back. He hadn't ridden one before. But he has changed his seadoo from thumb throttle to finger throttle. RATS! (Yeah, yeah, I know the finger throttle is better and I'll get used to it.) So off he goes like a wild man and I cruise back at high thirties to high forties. Seadoo guys, I was one of you for five years, but in the open ocean the ultra is way better. (But not on calm lakes.) And Ralph, I didn't get tangled in the kelp on your ski, I flew right over it. Sorry some was hanging off your grate when you put your ski on the trailer. I owe you a beer. And yeah, I was a little sore the next day. Hopefully in another month or so those days will be gone. And I am gonna start squeezing a ball to help with the grip problem. To anybody who reads this, Dana Point to Oceanside is a fun scenic ride. And you can get 91 octane in Oceanside if you need it.
    Kendog (because I love my dog)

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    Just for the record I now own an '08 Kaw 250X and its a beast and I love it. Almost sank it last weekend, four miles from Avalon, Catalina Island. This is the ultimate ski for anyone that just does offshore riding like I do.

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