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Thread: does any know

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    does any know

    does any one know were to get vxr gunwail stripps bumper stripps ??

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    try the green hulk's store, he may still be able to order them thru yami... i was able to get gp stuff, still available from yami... try vxr on ebay saw some there , at least the nose piece ...

    You can also try the heat gun trick ... I have used it on WR black rails and know of a few fellows here, having good results with the colored Raider and Venture pieces
    see below..

    after you scrub any stains,dirt and crushed shell out of em (important),the heat gun will renew the look of them. I also experimented on some 'painted' raider mirrors .. chipped the old paint off , scrubed em and then made the original colored plastic (red) shine once more with this process... dont get it too hot in one place (will warp the plastic and melt the surface too smooth), try it with a few passes, heat and then let it cool, as this lets the oils in the plastic flow and absorbs the haze better , reapply again for best results, 2 or 3 times...
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