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    2008 "HEAT" issue?

    We have a 2008 boat than ran perfectly, 70+ mph with just a riva plate in temps over 90'. Recently though we'v been plagued by this constant heat buzzer almost everytime we stop the ski after running and try to restart it again. The ski would go to a safe mode and it would not rev all the way. Ill try disconnecting all the sensors and plugging them back in, and ill check the cooling lines to make sure they are not clogged.

    I was wondering if anybody had this issue before and if you can help with troubleshooting it?

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    Try one of these from R&D

    Ultra 250 Temp Sensor Interfacer - Now Available

    R&D Performance offers a unique supercharger air temp sensor interfacer which will be necessary on Ultra 250X units with the Stage 3 Engine Kit. The added boost pressure of the R&D 1.05 to 1 and 1.1 to 1 pulley will bring along elevated intake temperatures which can be defused or lowered back down to safe temperatures with the R&D Intercooler Upgrade Kit. However, the air temp sensor is located between the supercharger and the intercooler therefore transmitting a temperature rating that is higher than what is actually entering the engine. The R&D sensor interfacer will keep the engine out of “limp home mode” during a race moto. There have been some Ultra 250X models that will default into “limp home mode” if the charger temperature sensor is peaked prematurely. Any Ultra 250 which has this default occur on long rides on hot (115 degree) days should install the R&D Supercharger Temp Interfacer Kit. The Interfacer is an inexpensive fix for this randomly occurring problem.

    Pt. # 801-25008

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    Has anyone considered installing a water injection unit. I own a forced inducted car & even with an oversized intercooler I have found increased performance by injecting H20 or a mixture of H2O and denatured alcohol. It definatly keeps intake temps lower. Any thoughts?

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    Beagleman62 i already have the intercptor from r&d on my 07 with the pulley kit, i will try swapping it on the 08 to check if the problem persists.

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