I borrowed this post off of Ben's blog! Thank goodness he didn't write more of the truth! We have had a great time, today he goes back to the UK and comes back to our International Summit in Hawaii this coming December, it sure was fun!


K38 UK Instructor Attends

K38 Swift Water Rescue Instructors Course

Written by K38UKRescue on Apr-1-08 11:16pm From: k38ukrescue.blogspot.com

K38 UK instructor Ben Granata has returned to California to continue his skill development with Shawn Alladio of K38 Water Safety. Heading to Eldorado County North California Ben continued learning the K38 Way but this time on Swift Water. Set in the scenic grounds of the Nugget Campsite just North of Chilli Bar on the American River this State instructor course for DBAW (Department of Boating and Waterways) was held over 3 days with 11 Instructors. Once again Shawn Alladio shared her unique knowledge and skills to show the Instructors how to technically operator PWC's in Swift Water conditions

A note from Ben:

Its been a 1700 mile round trip (not including flights or my last 3 days) and I am now sat back in the house where the adventure all began. Thanks to the kindness of Shawn Alladio the purveyor of fine PWC Rescue Courses (founder and owner of K3 and her family Kyla, Ryan and little Shania I have a roof over my head a futon to perch on. I have seen a large part of California over the last 10 days but not nearly enough and met some truly wonderful and over overwhelmingly generous people along the way. Thank you to everyone that helped me during my adventure. and a huge thanks you to Shawn for showing me some of the spots around town and sharing her invaluable knowledge cheers Shawn