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    Fuel Tank Straps Broke off

    Hey Guys -

    I was lubing up the engine compartment after riding last weekend, when I noticed that one of the straps for the fuel tank was completely loose... I pulled it up and the metal plate that's riveted on the ski was completely off. I haven't had time to look at it since, but is this an easy fix?

    I talked with shibby online, and he said there were 4 straps, but from the online parts catalog, and from what I remember, it seemed like there were only two on mine (I have an '03 regular 4-tec)...

    One of the guys said riveting is fairly easy, but from the crammed looks of the engine compartment, it seems like I'd have to remove the fuel tank to re-rivet - and even then, I'm not sure if the strap ripped off some fiber glass, or if the rivets just snapped.

    If any of you guys experienced this, or know around how much it'd cost to get fixed, please let me know... I called two seadoo dealers, and they said to call a marina or boat repair, as they don't mess with hull type repairs.


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    Hey Pete,
    This is common in saltwater use, from '02 to '05 SeaDoo used aluminum rivets instead of stainless (4-Tec models) (2006 models has s/s rivets)
    there's no need to remove the fuel tank, I have not done it on the three seaters but you should be able to drill holes a little higher than the original ones (Do not worry that area has a double bottom) and re-rivet the brackets, just make sure that you get enough tension on them.

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    Is it alright just to get a stainless steel bolt/washsers and fasten the strap back on (if there's no fiberglass/hull damage) that way?

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