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    05 RXT vs. 06 F12X GPScape

    I have been working on buying a ski right now I have it narrowed down to a 05 RXT w/ 45 hrs and some cosmetic flaws, dock scratches. The other machine I have run across is a new 2006 honda f12x GPScape. They are very similar in price. I really would like to stick with Sea-Doo but having a warrenty and brand new machine is very tempting. I know I can't upgrade the honda as easily but most all my money would go into my 05 RXP anyway. Has anyone out there ridden both. Any and all advice or oppinions would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Honda makes PWC?


    Go with the RXT.

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    Honda Makes A Great Ski. Runes Good But Not Great,and Most Imporentley Very Very Reliable,good On Gas And A Plus To Me You Would Know That You Would Not Spend Other Money On Mods.
    If You Already Have A Rxp Than I Would Go With The Honda,but
    Just My Opinion!!

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    clarifying a little

    Just a little more info....

    The honda w/ trailer and cover is $8000. The seadoo w/ trailer only is $7100. For that I get to take it a seadoo shop for a full check up. And if there is something wrong I don't have to take the machine. Also I will have to send the sc to jerry as the seadoo shop charges $240 for labor to update the washers.

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