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    Angry RXPX Delivery Problems

    I ordered 3 new RXPXs and the dealership said that they should be in any day. Also, They were the 1st ones ordered in New England. However, now the dealer is saying that they should be in MAY 15 Has anyone else been experiancing delays with their arrivals?

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    yes.............until this week , i pick my boat up this weekend. new york new jersey area..

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    its a killer. after waiting for so long it gets pushed back even more. i guess that just means more time on the boat

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    your dealer probably has skis in stock, but when a customer walks in and is looking around, a big selling point this time of year is
    "we have it in stock right now"
    "if you buy it, you can take it home today"
    yadda yadda yadda
    dealer has your deposit (or more), so hes not interested in helping you out anymore.
    seeif he can get you delivery of 1 or 2 skis, rather than all 3 at once??
    might be able to get one faster, get it broken in etc.

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    yeah thats a good idea. but we actually ordered 5 skis at the same time so itll be easier to get them all at one than taking 5 trips to the dealership

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