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    pump support question

    hey i have a quick question about the shark teeth inside the pump support, (ran over some rocks)

    from what i have read, if there messed up pretty bad it's best to grind them down,

    i am thinking of just taking a dremel tool to it...

    am i right?


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    There have been a few people who have removed them with no adverse consequences. Plus, the RXP is the only ski that has them, and the other skis do just fine without them. So I don't see a problem with taking them out. Depending on how much they are damaged, removing them may reduce cavitation.

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    I sucked a rock about two months ago and busted my teeth.
    All i did was take a dremel to them.sanded them down smooth.
    Put it back together,ran it and could not tell they were there or not.
    Grind them out ,you will loose no performance at all.Just be carefull so you dont grind through the pump shoe.Good luck

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