Currently replacing my wear ring, and so far it's only taken me like a 1/2hr to get this far due to this AWESOME tutorial, thanks boys!

But this is were I'm currently stuck; 3 outta the 4 studs holding the pump housing to the transom look like the first pic, i.e. not stuck.
But the last stud, second pic, it looks like there's liquid sealant/silicone in between the stud and hole, basically bonding the housing to the transom. I know this is what's holding me up cuz I can wiggle the housing about 1/8" everywhere else.
I've tried picking away at the sealant which is slow going, gently and carefully prying with a small crowbar, and putting the venturi with the two top bolts back on and pushing downwards to loosen the sealant on the top.
Any tips??

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