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    xlt 1200

    I'm looking at adding another ski to the family and I'm looking at a xlt1200. How are these ski's overall? Its something for my girlfriend to ride.

    The ski is in nice condition but has 110 hours on it. Is 110 alot? Should I anticipate any problems nearing that point?

    any advice would be helpful. should i go for it or with that amount of house steer away?

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    Fixed up for you!

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    Thumbs up Thumbs up!

    I can definately recomend this ski to anyone. It's a great waverunner & it's super nice to boot. These 1200XLT's can move. I've done some mods to mine & it's reached 59.7mph on a good day. The nice thing is not it's top speed but how fast it get's to it for a big 3 seater. It's pulls you nicely. 110 hours is not bad. Do some research before purchasing though. There's always some pour soul who never took out their ski & has SUPER low hours. Good luck man. Shoot me a message should you need any help!

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    There are some must have add-ons
    waveeater clips/couplings 100 bucks
    D-plate & chip 90 bucks

    there are some highly recommend add-ons
    intake gate 100 bucks
    Pump plug kit 75 bucks
    Ride plate 200 bucks

    the first 2 can ruin the engine... the last 3 will make it ride better
    just plan on spending a 3 day weekend working on it and 600 bucks and you WILL LOVE this ski
    good luck

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    Absolutely a great ski to buy.. The whole girlfriend riding it is the whole reason i bought one. I didnt want her to get bugged out by something thats all tipsy and you need to work to ride. They drive awsome and would probally never NOT own one. And you can make em buggy too. I cant say how fast it is bc i have never ran with a gps but i was even with some kid on the lake with a new rxp or whatever they are and they are 215hp stock..

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