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    OEM metal washers for SC

    Is there an OEM SC metal washer kit available for the 2007 Speedster 150 SCs yet? It seems that there is a complete rebuild kit that includes metal washers. I'm curious because my dealer might switch it out for me if that is the case. One of my ceramic washers is cracked but not apart yet. lucky I checked.

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    I'm not sure the 08 stock metal washers are released yet as service parts, and also you got to ensure they would fit on a 07 unit...?

    The 08 have some slight differences in the S/C that might prevent you to switch 08 washers in a 07, if i were you i'd opt for Riva or 4tecperformance metal washers.

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    Also, BRP's metal washers are titanium coated. Sounds great, but unproven in the real world. What we do know is Riva's washers were titanium coated, but the coating turned out to be so slick that the washers (SC clutch) would start slipping prematurely (like 5 to 10 hours). For '07, Riva discontinued the titanium coating on their washers. (Not sure BRP got the memo on that one.) The new washers could be great, but I'd give it a season, cause the uncoated washers are proven to work.

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