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    XPL Gas Tank Straps?

    I found my replacement 00XP has all busted staps on the tank. Apparently the dealer turned it upside-down working on the hull, with a full tank of gas. Fortunately the straps broken on one ski is the exact opposite of the broken ones on my totalled ski. From what I can looks like the gas tank has to come out to pry apart the bottom clip that holds the broken strap.

    Anybody that has "been there done that" please chime in.



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    thats about right, they are a real pain in the ass to reach, hands get all fiberglass cut or from the exhaust pipe heat sheild. . The rear strap I had to get a set of long nose vise grips on "thru" the top access hole under the seat, while I was in there cussing I also used some of those LONG 3 ft zip ties used in "a/c installs"to extra secure the tank LOL


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    I don't remember the details, but I took my 01 xpl tank out and cleaned it and getting those darn straps back on was not fun. I had bruised , damaged hands and about 4 hours into getting 3 straps connected.

    I do remember I cross strapped 2 of the straps and that didn't make things any better!

    I too had to use a pry bar for one of the straps.... can't remember which one.

    I prefer to not even thing about that night..... LOL....

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    TLR gave me the idea of using panduit straps (big zip ties used for ductwork). I used these to pull them close, then the one bent backward tried to straighten out, so I slipped needle-nose in there to bend them back. Then used a short shank screwdriver to slip the straight loop over the bent one, with the panduit strap in place.

    The ones that were already stretched (pulling the good ones off the other ski)...made it MUCH easier to attach.

    All three took me 2-3 hours to do. I could them all now in less than 30 minutes, now that I figured ot the best way to do it.

    Oh...on cleaning the tank...I did that too. But in place. I removed the pickup tube, as this area is the lowest part of the tank, and you can shine a flashlight against the back of the tank to see the debris inside. Then I bought a 2' long piece of 1/2" OD ACR (straight) copper tubing from Lowe's. Then bought 8' of 3/8" fuel line. Slipped the end of the hose over the copper, and used the copper as a "stick" to move around in the bottom of the fuel tank sucking up all the debris while I siphoned it out. Siphoned it into a big funnel with paper towel filters and caught all the debris before they went into the can. You could even dump gas into the filler neck to flush debris rearward if you wanted to.
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