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Thread: Oil level

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    Oil level

    When the ski is cold, I run the engine for 3 minutes , then get the rpms to 4000 and pull the lanyard. I let it set for a couple minutes then check the oil. It's half way between the bends.

    After a hard/hot day of riding if I check it at the end of the day after turning it off and waiting 5 so minutes it's like an inch above the 2nd bend.

    This ok ?

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    take out a bit.....other then that it sounds lind of weird....I have mine half way between the bend COLD....and when I completely warmed up after a hard days ride my oil is about 1/8" below the top bend....

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    It was 95 degree air and I was riding from 11am to 7pm.

    I guess what I'm asking is if it's half way at cold you are ok right ?
    There isn't a hot engine gauge is there like 2 inches above 2nd bend isn't good ?

    ...can't wait to get my thermo.... HOSS you done yet

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    yeah i rode from 10 am to 6 pm memorial day...with just about 2-3 hours of pretty much the same as longest break was about hour and a half for eating and tubing....other then that they were swimming breaks for 30 mins here and about the same right?

    You should be ok...just as long as ya dont smoke your good to go

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    C`mon everyone has gone over and over this many many times before. Running it on the hose is NOT hot enough to get an accurate reading. Checking it while on a short ride is correct, get it warmed up to temp...don`t have to over rev or anything, just shut it down, wait a couple and check it, 1/2 - 2/3 is good...PR...

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